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PURPS BEATS - Discovered lyrics

[Hook: Myki Lou]
She say
Its bout to go down, Right about now
We ain't waiting for permission
Yeah you right about now

Smell the smoke in the air
Liquor on your tongue
Music in ya ears
And this just begun

Summer breeze and bomb weed
Is how you smell me

[Verse 1: Myki Lou]
And she still in a coma
We still the aroma
Front to back side to side
She fronted all the way back till we got inside
Boom Magic
How did you ever hide that rabbit?
Make me wanna thank God that I grabbed it
I knew it was mine and I could have it
Now I'm at it like a addict
She get no sleep on mattress
I stay in the p**y like IUD
That's Mirena
She shake like seizures
Hands everywhere like she doing the Macarena
And I hum to it she come to it
I know I keep it wetter
Better than whoever
Know she know so she do better
I used to tell her baby you the best
Now I say you the only one, I don't see the rest
And I don't need no rest
Back at it again
I don't know where my pants went
Or ya panties
Sweating panting
You skipped today's trip to the gym
Imma exercise you, gonna need a pasta
And full break-fast to revive you

[Bridge: Myki Lou]
She say its about to go down
Bad b**hes on me
What you wanna drink?
Shots for your whole team
What it gon be? (Wa**up?)
Is we loving or not?
Is it really what it ain't?
Drunk asking, is it nothing or not?

Summer breeze and bomb weed
Is how you see me

[Verse 2: Myki Lou]

My fault for the first part
Blame my ADD
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And while we on the topic
How the hell the gon past him?
When I can't keep up with me
My mind is tripping I sail
Captain of my destiny
With the prettiest b**h beside me
At times I may get besides me
But you ain't the only one that wanna try me
I try my self
And If you want something take
I tried myself
I'm running at em like a army of a billions
All by myself
I tell them hide civilians
We don't need help
Cards getting dealt
Feelings getting kilt
Oh I said cards getting dealt?
f** n***as and they feelings
Stack these chips to the ceiling
Hash tag winning
In and out sign say exit
And you still the entrance
And you can't get in
Cause you can't get it
What am I sipping?
Damn this blunt hitting
Man I'm just tripping


[Verse 3: Myki Lou]
Imma have these hoes hip broken
In a moment
How you twerk it when I poke it
Seem like you wanna own it
Grind for mi baby
Let me slow it down
Lemme mi tek a time
Wit me maybe?
I can figure out how I think about you lately
Mi sey meh head mad that's crazy
Fallacious with fellatio?
You said you said you never tried it
But if this your first time
I would guessed you were lying
And if this is our last time
You should throw away your shyness
Don't you hate a shy b**h?
Nah she a freak and thats a front
And Imma make her my b**h
She say she love me
Now she say we the same; and I love me
She hold down like anchor
Never judge me
At least not aloud
She, know
How to make us both proud

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