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Pumpkin - Love Rap lyrics

[Treacherous Three]

To the south, to the west, to the east, to the north
Come on, Spoonie Gee and go off, go off

[Spoonie Gee]

Yes yes, y'all, freak freak, y'all
To the beat y'all, it's so unique, y'all

Well, i was speeding down the street and then i pushed my brakes
Because i've seen a fly girl, made me shiver and shake
Then i blew my horn and she turned in
And to the fly lady this is what i said
I said: "Baby, baby, Come on over to my car, and tell me your name so i can know who you are
And just give me your number, address and all, i might wanna see ya, i might wanna call
Your house, wherever you be,Meanwhile, baby doll, just come with me"
So i opened the door and she got into my car
She looked into my face and said "I know who you are"
And said: "I've seen you once, i can't forget your face
You got style, got cla**, finesse and taste"
I said: "I'm glad you think so, i'm glad we met
'cause i haven't met a girl who ? yet"
Just lay on back and relax your head
Because the seat is so soft, just like a ?
Then she lookad at me and started to smile
She said "Baby, lets have a little fun for a a while"
I know every move from A to Z
So, if it's alright with you, it's alright with me
But if we do it in the car, that's no respect
Then let's go to my house, she said "It's a bet"
And when we got into my house,?
The first thing she said is "Let's have a child"
I said: "No, no, baby, i only got the time
To make a lot of money and to say my rhymes
And if i had a baby, i might go broke
And believe me ?, it ain't no joke
People smile in your face and talk behind your back
And you get the story, it's never exact
Some say they're your friends but they really are not
Becuase they're only out to try to get what you got
They wanna hang out today, smoke cheeba and sniff coke
Then they're "See you later, alligator" when you're broke
But you attract all the dudes and all the young ladies
With your diamond rings and your big Mercedes
?? with your fine, ? clothes
'Cause that's the way the whole story goes
Now you got your girl and you're doing the do
But every girl you see, you think she's made for you
She used to ?? the street, and ?
Now ?
And you're a s**er s**er dude for thinking you're slick
'Caause all you wanna do with the girl is ?
You can't lead yourself because you've been led
See a young girl and it mess up your head
And every time you look around, she's asking for your money
She thinks it's cool, she thinks it's funny
If it's smart to leave, if you don't you stay
But if you do, you'll be a fool until your head turns grey
'Cause when your money is gone, believe me my friend
Those money-hungry girls gonna give you no ?
When you ain't got a dime, it ain't no joke
And the girls you used to know, they call you Mr. Broke
So you better better learn from that one mistake
And stop being a fool before it's too late
I got a cure for all women, and hope you understand
Why they call me Spoonie Gee, the medicine man
Because they do ? not too much ?
So, just take off your clothes, let me give you what you need
Make you feel like a woman, with what i have to give
Because i'mma be a lover for as long as i live
'Cause i'm the S to the P, double O, N, Y, G
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The perfect ? for your ladies to see
So, fly guys, /, give the ladies a chance
See the King of Soul, the Prince of Romance
'Cause i'm sweet, not mean, every woman's supreme
I want all you fly girls to stay on the scene
See the microphone kign while he's doing his thing
To the punk rock, disco, boogie and swing

Let's rock, y'all, it don't stop
And before i rock, to get you out your seat
I'm gonna give you a taste of the sure shot beat

[Instrumental break]

To the beat, y'all, it's so sweet y'all
And unique, y'all, it's so sweet, y'all

Well, you're sweet and fine, and so out of sight
If loving you is wrong, i don't wanna be right
? give you the time ?
And if you want my love, i give you all that i got
From the bottom to the top and i ?
Just make sweet love 'til the ?
It's like an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth
Can't get the feeling unless ?
It takes two to tango and to make love too
And when it comes to that, i'm thinking of you
With your fine, ? body and your pearly white teeth
And when i see you, baby, oh, what a relief
From the girls i see ??
??? with the only girl that i adore
With your pretty clear skin and your light brown eyes
And your big derriere and your nice ? thighs
So, be very clever and stay mine forever
'Cause i'd hate to lose you, baby, cause i'm soft as a feather
So, don't make me beg you on my knee
Just stay my main girls for a century
I don't think i'm bad, don't box and don't karate
I'm just an MC to keep the boogie in the party
With you people on the floor
Give you what you're bargaining for
Make you all wanna dance until you can't no more
Not a player, but a lover, like ?
And when it comes to the mic, i take complete control
Anothers imitate, but i will apreciate
'Cause everything i do, you know it gotta be great
So, if you want to, party people, ?
And if you wanna boogie, we can all have a ball
People used to call me MC Spoony Spoon
But when i came to rock i didn't come too soon
One day a pretty mady came over to me
And said: "? MC Spoonie Gee"
Then i looked at her when i was ?
And said that i'm the Metropolitician
And i rock a big crowd with no trouble at all
And ? the place is big or small
And then she closed her eyes and?
And then she opened her eyes, and ?
And don't give me that story that you ain't got time
'Cause we ?? or even mine
Said i'd love to tell a story to all you young ladies
We got ? let me park my Mercedes
'Cause i'm gonna do it to the day i die
The metropolitician who always satisfy
? at your door and ask if you're in
And later, that we're going to do it again
And when the feeling gets good i may not stop
Because i make sweet love just as good as i rock

Well, let's rock y'all ,Non stop, y'all
To the beat, y'all, the body rock, y'all
So, let's rock y'all, so, let's rock y'all
So, let's rock y'all so, let's rock y'all

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