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Pulling Teeth - Vicious Skin lyrics

You b**h and you moan from your self-made throne
The king of the wasteland, he feels so alone
You make your threats and you talked so tough
Yet expected support when times got rough
It;s a vicious skin that you wrap yourself in
But it conceals the fact that you're rotten inside
Scarred flesh to cover the mess
You've wasted your lifem now there's no turning back
Bitterness encrusts your heart, it only hurts when it beats
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Slip away into hiding and spit hate from the dark
Scorched brain and diseased mouth
A mountain of sh** from which to shout
But those down below, they dont want to hear
How nothing ever changes year after year
Demand our respect but nothing to deserve it
Twist words into weapons leaving the swordsmiths deserted
You've burned every bridge and sunk every ship
You've been left with nothing so you curled up and quit
Good f**ing riddance, stay gona this time

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