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Pulling Teeth - Bleeding To d**h lyrics

They make their cuts so small, so small that we can't see
These wounds, they may be small but still they make us bleed
Bleeding to d**h, as we slowly waste away
We're bleeding to d**h, but no one cares anyway
This loss of blood has made us weak
As we constantly mend wounds
Too distracted to fight the source
[Lyrics from: https:/**h.html]
Too confused to seek the truth
Bleeding to d**h, we are the sick, we are the lame
We're bleeding to d**h, too weak to make a change
We're zo caught up in our own lives
That we can't see through all the lies
If we don't learn to stay alert then we'll be left with only dirt
We'll never see trough freedom's eyes
And i can't live like that

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