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Pulling Teeth - From birth lyrics

You're f**ed from birth, born of a hopeless world you're
f**ed from birth, just left to rot and die worthless
Humans, they're breeding diseased spawn no life, no love
You just got left behind born less than human addicted
Left for dead taught to care only for themselves careless
Actions thrive in a world gone wrong taught that they
Have no f**ing consequence civil respect – abandoned and
Destroyed brought up in a world that doesn't care born
Less than human addicted, left for dead taught to care
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Only for themselves how can you be blamed for how you
Were raised? you never had a chance born to scumbags like
That so little hope left now when this is our future
Dystopian outlook, where's the flood when you need it?
“cuz Lord knows I was f**ed from birth Lord give me
d**h, put me in the dirt born less than a human, born
Into addiction victims of God's decisions, Lord undo your
Work” no god would stand a world like this we created
This, it's a human mess i've got a vulgar faith in man
Bring on the flood, this is your last chance

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