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Protoje - Blood Money lyrics

Mi nah watch no face beg no more pardon
Nuff drug money deh yah Cherry Garden
Nuff individual society applaudin'
You can ask anybody weh dem get dem start in
But nuff politician takin' donation
So nuff criminal will never see a station
Never see a cell, not even a courthouse
But every Sunday we see deh take him boat out
North Coast resort and car dealership
Di construction company dem jus' don't legit
Usually wash he money turn around and hide it
When di kick back a come in di government delighted

So, police cancel operation
Cause no real badman a go station
Now if you check di situation
A Blood money run di nation
Come take a look inna Jamaica
Injustice in di place nuh
If wha you see nuh really phase you
Then you are the problem weh we face to

Was 'bout to buy a nex six enuh
Maybe then I wouldn't have to be a prisoner
Maybe then I coulda not turn in my firearm
Police could nuh come remand,
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Coming like me run an army
Was 'bout to be a politician too
Maybe then I coulda make any decision, look
Maybe then I make a 100 million disappear
Then mi act like mi nuh care
Watch out what mi pack in there
Because the sad reality
Inna Jamaica seh you status a you salary
Man deh road a carry one whole heap a felony
But dem have a family
A boost up di economy


It's out of many but one set of people feelin' it
How that real, society you agreed to this
Things a reveal, the garbage the machine spit
No smoke screen, no river cannot conceal it
Now the system failing, the gap a get wider
A matter of time before a total divide yah
You cross the line, man draw quick fi remind you
If you built it 'pon crime then crime will haffi find you
That's how it's been always, that nuh frustrate you like it do to me?
How much dead baby deh over Jubilee
How much yutes did ten when dem run into Tivoli
Now dem sixteen, hard fried, a frica**ee


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