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Priscilla Hernandez - In the Mist lyrics

Voices... voices...
Rising... rising...
Comfort me when I dive in sorrow
Meandering through this lonely moor
And if a doleful thought is drawing near
Could you obscure it make it disappear?
Would I fade myself if I step into the mist?
Engulf the unribboning light
Escaping through my seams
Into the alluring gray and white
Transient world you build
This bleary ruins the reveries
Of your dim kingdom now concealed
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In the mist
Now concealed
And in such stillness I can hear
The songs that silence brings
Lost veiled memories echoing in the mist
Lost veiled memories...
Unraveling the mysteries of your dim kingdom
Lost veiled memories...
What if we rise?
What if we rise from the Underliving?
In the mist
Settle, rest, then move on further on
Don't be sad, unfurl

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