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Priscilla Hernandez - In my Mind's Eye lyrics

Come back my thrill
Looming out the stirring
Feelings you ignite
Wake up my will
Get rid of the ropes
That grabbed you so tight
Been suspended
By these fraying bonds
But now I'll untie them all
Lost veiled memory
You´re feeding the seeds
Of those words I never said
Now joining into poetry
Dreams that won't come true
Are deepening roots that break
Through my core
Oh they grow, they shape
Entwined in my mind´s eye
Buried deep
In my minds eye
Do not waste your time
Struggling to deny
Those things that are clear
In your mind's eye
Do not fight against
The reason to believe
All is real...
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The shivering truth
A verse my sore lips
Can´t help to recite
And in my solitude
It´s odd melody
Sways over my heart
Pulsing wild, untamed
Beset by this curse
Doubts I never hold
Are conquering me by fright
With thoughts I once forgot
Like ether gathering it all
The last remnant of my plan
To set free the echoes
Haunting my head
Oh they grow, they shape
In my mind´s eye
And they tear, they scratch, they yearn...
Such uncanny gift
Cannot be denied
So it's safely hidden
In my mind´s eye
Treasured in a place
That I can only find
Buried deep
In my mind´s eye

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