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Priscilla Hernandez - I'm Right Here lyrics

I imagine I lay quietly in your bed
I see you're sleeping, but you cannot sense my gaze
How could you see me invisible as I am?
Then I nestle, try to clasp you round the waist
And feel you're breathing resting my lips upon your neck
How could you feel it... (feel me, feel me now!)
Intangible as I am?
But I'm right here and I'm so brave
I dare to love you. I dare!
I imagine...
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Oh my mind just flies so wild!
The words I utter seems to get dry in my mouth
How could you listen inaudible as I am?
Are you deaf not to hear my words?
Are you blind not to see me around?
Are you just heartless?
But if you're scared, dare open your eyes
If you're slept, let me wake you up
You may curse your soul if you deny me
Just imagine I'm right here

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