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Priscilla Hernandez - Haunted lyrics

My crumbling walls groan and complain
The ivory gleam is now turned to grey
No steps on my dusty floors
No one sleeps in the musty bed
I feel alone and desolate
Deprived of the splendour of the elder days
My baleful halls... an ode to decay
The piano still plays itself
That off-key melody
That makes the shadows dance and boil
In that frantic ball
Shelter of the nameless gods and ghostly shades
The wild moan of wind warns I shall not be dwelt in…
…in the starless... dismal nights...
... I am... haunted
The garden grows wild
The ivy crawled and hid all the gates
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And pallid blooms of rancid scent
Took place when roses withered away
The abyss of nightmare lurks in each hole
And things unseen behind every door
But I cannot help but miss
The laughter of children
Oh come again... cross the fence... to play with me
(Hide and seek)
All the yearning sins and secrets I may keep
Still invoke and build that hideous fantasy
Ah everyone knows... I am... haunted
And centuries run...
This rotten core will never fall down
Laid my foundations deep in the ground
Defiant and silent I shall await....
While everyone says...
I am... haunted

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