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Priscilla Hernandez - Nightmare (Sleep Paralysis Theme) lyrics

You want me to fail
But you can't have me
When darkness falls
And creeps upon me
Half awake
Or half sleep
May I ask you
Wistful wraith....
What do you long for?
With spider fingers
Cast a spell
A curse that lingers
But long ago
I shed this nightmare
To be forlorn
(And when I deny you..)
You appear before my eyes ...
Deceive me with your lies
And drain my will to drink my tears...
Feast on my deepest fears
You're coming in disguise
Pretending to be a friend
And though I don't believe
You still will come when all the lights get dim
Vanish into oblivion
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Go and leave me alone!
Go back where you belong!
I can't move, I can't shout
My hands are tongue are tied with fright
Without defense I cannot fight
The horrid things that come at night
But I see your shadow crawls
Like ink your cloak unfurls
A cloud of rags as black as coal
Jumps over me to stain my soul!
But you can't steal it from this shrine
You can't take it cos it's mine
You want me to fail...
But you can't have it
You're not real...! Go!
When darkness falls ...
And nightmare comes
/ghostly whispers/
Liar, Deceiver
I won't lie to you
Stay the night with me. Haunt me
Child, do not distrust me
I'm forsaken, forgotten
Dream of me
Remains of myself ...Nightmare

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