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Principle - Faded lyrics

​[Verse 1: Mazi Muhlari]
Switching four lanes in the beemer 420
The scenes bout to change and the visions real shifty
Life goals
I don't have none
And the boys dressed up though his swag is all thrifty
Pull up to the club
Dressed in all white
Beemer out front big rims all white
Haters still blue
Cause their girls came through
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Waiters got us tipsy she'll be pouring all night
By the bar looking real fancy
Drink in my hand got me taking all chances
Don't sweat
Walk up to the bench
Order two drinks
Ask her what's her name
Gama lami ngi Kesha
Bega Instagram mad likes ngiya fleekisha
That's what she said, mamis not a teaser
Jeans bout to burst like the pipes from a geyser

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