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Principality of Hell - Sons of the Desert lyrics

A sand storm is coming from afar
bearing the mark of evil intend
the priesthood saw it at the stars
a ma** destruction will sweep the land

Seth has gathered the tribes
those of the waxing moon
those of the flaming desert
and those of the waters below

Half men, half gods, half beasts
descendants of a demon race
forgotten, hidden in the dark
known as legends of the lore

Sons of the desert
Serpentine cyanide
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Lords of contempt
Sons of the horned one

They bring the plague and the famine
they implant pain and harvest d**h
bringers of doom and madness
amba**adors of scorn

Osiris weeps for mankind
as scorpion king takes his own life
Anubis howls in chains
and Isis veils herself in grief

Psalms of draconian obelisks
combined with the anti-matter
of the inverse pyramid
O mighty Seth this is your time

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