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Primrose Cla** - Horrorminorz lyrics

Life After d**h which one do you choose
I sing the blues until my tongue gets black
I breathe my last breath on a funky track
I shot those s**ers and I'll shoot the rest
I'm down with NATAS and the Life After d**h
To the beat to the beat
To the funk and the freak that I kick
s** my dick s** my f**ing dick
The preacher told me I shouldn't say
We're all gonna die on Judgement Day
The preacher told a lie that's why
I don't pray God bless the child to the rhythm that I play
Life After d**h
When you die then you're dead
Headed for the afterlife
Hole in your head
The Symptoms of Insanity's got me on the ledge
Don't push me cause I'm close to the edge
I get rough like a nap in a n***as head
I'll chop off your
And then I'll fill it full of lead
So you can tell the preacher
That a n***a's out to teach ya
Not a creature feature
But I'm still out to reach ya
I'm not a Bapist or a Buddha or a monk
Just a funky n***a
With the (Shaolin) funk
So if I spill my guts upside a bloody cross
My hands all bloody inside the bloody sauce
So tell me what's next
God knows my name I feel no pain
So is there Life After d**h
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And shorting, murder, because the blood tripping
And now to the [?]
The Horror Film, [?]
Dexter, Dexter, Dexter!
And now ill see you and dexter
And deep in the wall shot was group is the dexter
Dead body with the camp, [?]
Hold On, Hold On, Hold On, Hold On!
These like a Hold On!, Now these of d**h

436 is the last with the k**s
Watch these burial ground, [?]
Wrong Turn 3: Left 4 Dead these now is dark
When I, When I darkness, darkside
d**h these scamp him cropiotion, evil last
[?], Takin' Takin Takin'? this now k**s with the [?]

Now, [?]
Elevator's darkness is sights and Heaven streets
The d**h this gotta hit myself his k**s alonger
Saw (Saw!), Saw Tooth, and the hell dead n***as
Yep, who known is else also this who's insane
Yep, Yep, Yep, Yep!
Now comin' breakin' sound the game
Shot down is Primrose Cla**, [?]
Spellings like finna trynna should on
Only be used when necessary for the ryhme
Scheme, [?]
It's for the titled day is nightmares
G like a [?]
Witness need is the scared for the tasty, the groups f**in' groups, my groups

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