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Praverb the Wyse - You Know Me lyrics

I hate the state of hip hop, no Laffy Taffy
Waving like Danny Glover when the taxi pa** me
So I, tag the beat with my ability, nobody feeling me
Because I haven't been shot, no street credibility
Forget the fact that I can ride a beat
Consumers wanna know if I survived the streets
Of course, I'm living/ black man, restore the vision
Not in prison, doing good deeds, won't resort to k**ing
Yo!!! I'm really heated, so I guess I gotta speak on it
Never drunk or lifted, but I'm gifted with the flow
Giving clinics to those who lack the sk**s
I won't blast the steel, I'll put you on blast for real
Tired of teens who rap about being in clubs
And suburban cats rapping about squeezing a gun
For real/ and those who think that believing is dumb
Keep playing around, you're gonna give him reason to come

[Chorus] 2x

You Know Me
For my signature flow
You Know Me
For my intense live show
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You Know Me
Man yo, I've always been nice
You Know Me
Always repping for Christ

The Lord backs me, I'll never be surrounded
I'm well grounded, out for money like accountants
Sike, I like to hear the speakers pounding
Flow fountains, of spring water, taken from the mountains
I'm free-flowing, the speech potent
Aggressive over beats, like a pit bull with his teeth showing
I'm hip hop, east coastish
Southern raised, I release poison
From my fangs hangs a green lotus
To make it in this game, I gotta be focused
Cause these soldiers; try to take away my fame
These jokers, don't know me by my name
Hip hop is the same, filled with street posers
Your offended by my offensive opinions
I'll knock your teeth out, and give you a package of lemons
I'm not that violent, I practice peace
But when I'm tested, I might sound off like sirens

[Chorus] 2x

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