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Praverb the Wyse - Trading Places (Remix) lyrics

With steady discipline, when I grip the pen
I'm like Mr. Rivera, the relief is here
Bringing ill rhymes, to a speaker near you
Sometimes I want to bleach my skin
Do we speak the same language?
Sometimes I want to trade places
I wanna spend a day in your shoes
You could spend a day in my Timberland boots
Hoping on a train, in a business suit
I get paid every week I get all the loot
I arrive at work, sip a cup of joe
Hop around the office, say wa**up to the folks
I look at my computer screen/ I'm living it up
This is a dream/ I'm not giving it up
As time flies by, I'm feeling quite adjusted
This is easy, I do what's instructed
Then I get a call from the manager
I'm feeling mad pumped up, people giving me daps
Thinking about the raise
Thinking about moving out the hood
Into my own space
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I walk into his office
He told me to shut the door
I execute the plan flawless
I'm waiting for the news
He lacks tense
I'll have money to pay the light bill and rent
He said he had some bad news
Okay I didn't get the job, oh well
I look at the sign on the wall it read, business is slow, it's time to lay off
I felt enraged, but I'm a caged bird
Without thinking, I started to say words
Oh no, I'm in the wrong predicament
Burning bridges before they been built
I was kicked off the property with no cash
It feels like a bad game of monopoly
On the train as I head home
Zoning out, wearing out my headphones
With a company 5 years then I get dropped
Feels like my heart is in a Ziploc (2x)

[Praverb rambling]

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