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Praverb the Wyse - Represent lyrics

It's PViz, emcee spoken poet
When it comes to the words yeah you know I composed it
I'm not saying I'm the all knowing
I'm just saying the confidence is growing
Moving like a phalanx of Romans, roaming
Zen like technique able to occupy your zones and
My pen seeks paper with the homing device
Transferred to microphones that I ignite yo...
When I write I stay in progression
Constant advancement learning from these lessons
I don't know where my halo bends
I find my chips tossed like potato skins
In this life I find it difficult to shake some friends
Some are loss while most meet a fatal end
Am I really saving men with this patient pen?
Somehow I have to rely on the grace within

[scratch hook]

The Lord said, let there be light
So when I write I use the sunlight's illumination
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Sunrays provide inspiration
So when I grip the pen, I sniff the wind
Yo I vibe off the ventilation
Stay on top of the game like a floatation device
Keep my disc in rotation, play it twice
I be slaying mics, always on the calm tip
Be real, convincing people with my content
It's PViz, a walking lexicon
Stay behind the mask like Jet Li when the weapons drawn
I seek peace, bringing the word to these mean streets
Cause OGs be like the Spurs, trying to repeat -
Some past actions, that's why they bring heat
I used my hand signals and let them things speak
But not by obscene means, do it the right way
Forget the critics; I don't care what they might say

[scratch hook]

Yo, I'm a rep until I die, 24/7 until I die
Jesus Christ until I die, I'm a keep repping until I die
What, I'm a rep until I die, I'm a rep, rep until I die
I'm a rep, rep until I die, big Praverb repping until I die yeah

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