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Praverb the Wyse - Ordinary Day (Remix) lyrics

It was an ordinary day, sun on blast
I was in my car, AC on blast
I could feel the dash, melt-ing
I could feel the air on my torso but not on my calves
Phew!! It's like hundred degrees
What separates me from these other emcees?
Is it the drive or the college degree?
Nope it can't be that, cause that's not fact
It fiction, I'm still influencing children
With my kind words, and my choice of diction
The weather is vicious, I have to go
To the mall so I can buy a new pair of britches
Grab some cds and the iPod
So I can challenge folks, I hope they prepared to listen
But first I have to cop a T and briefs
Then I'll be able to spread some wisdom

[some rambling by Praverb haha]
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I approached this guy, like hey, I'm Praverb the Wyse
A rapper from Va
He crinkled up his face and said I don't like rap
So I let him past and didn't fight back
The next dude I approached was, a little kinder
Did the same routine, resulted in no sell
My hustle was weak, I need a new technique
So I can make some sales and grab something to eat
I'm focused man, on the task at hand
Approached this fly miss, I hope she give me a chance
But I'm not trying to kick game
I got a girl at home that knows I'm not trying to kick game
So I tell her, I don't even spit the same
Way as these other clowns, I'm defined as underground
I thanked her for buying a CD
Now I moved on and the rest is easy

[more rambling by Praverb]

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