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Praverb the Wyse - I Grind lyrics

I'm wiser today, still trying to find me a way
I love rap but it don't provide retirement pay
That's no benefits, it's so interesting
That's why I scribe it this way
Speech lacking, P came with deep rapping
I work 10 to 6 messing with the my sleep pattern
No time to rhyme/ I sleep wake up
Then I'm back on the grind, body aching
I wish rap was my occupation
I would add 40 hours plus vacation
That's only a dream, I'm open to things
I have to work hard daily to own a few things
Like a couch or a fridge, bank account full of link
I struggle day to day, with no house or no kids
No wife, no picket fence, no ice
Spending weekends inside, with no life


I grind you grind
Man yo I'm trying to make cash
I wonder will it last
I grind you grind
It's like I'm down on my last cent
And I gotta pay rent
I grind you grind
Man yo I'm trying to go to sleep
Within this 40 hour work week
I grind you grind
Sometimes I wanna call it quits
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Probably call in sick

I can't call in sick, I gotta ball for chips
I gotta work, I don't care about the cars or chicks
The fame, the cash, I won't be Damon Dash
I'll be Praverb, so I'll let the labels pa**
Not worried about getting signed, I'll just be wasting time
Forget a record deal I'm back on the grind
I write every now and then
A personal track, or punchlines clowning friends (think about it)


Think about the bills pile up, outta luck
Just a drone in this world with no time to add it up
We fall apart like Attica, domino effect
I just want to sit back and cash a check
Much respect to the underground movement
We useless, I'm changing up syllabi's and students
Keep your head held high and we gone climb
Billboards number one in due time
I'm just preaching to the congregation, stop the hating
We changing up society with Satan
The last temptation, fall victim to generation x
Infatuated s**
Got dukes throwing up a set, that don't rep
But they paid dues everytime they marked for d**h
One step for mankind
A step back cause we all know we running out of time


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