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Praverb the Wyse - Back in the Days lyrics

I'm an artist that mingles with the crowd like Ron Artest
And I will conquest, this game one ear at a time
I'm Goliath on this mic, I put fear in your spine
(huh) I been new, my spirit's aligned
I wannna be at Fat Beats, fans cheering in line
Walking up the block, still hearing my rhymes
Blazing from the subs, now you know that's love
Getting pounds and hugs, probably performing in clubs
A show deal from Lugz, T-shirts, and coffee mugs
Never doing d**
Cause that would be fiction
I find myself trapped behind these bars I'm spitting
Hip-hop dwells in my veins
Kane, Kool G, and them cats that gave shell toes a name
Since I was young, I studied the greats
It's hip-hop 101, this is nothing you can fake

[Chorus] 2x

Let's take it back, back, back in the days
When hip hop was really real, y'all rap to get paid
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But not me, I love to rap on stage
And pour my heart out, I'm past that phase

I'm an emcee fam, I control the vibe
On the mic, rhyming with trapped souls inside
I'm tired of you phone, fake, poser gus
It's Dirk Diggler with the flow kid, open wide
You can't breathe, some dudes tend to hold their sides
So I give them flow one at a time, like Advil
Feeling like Peter Gunz it's all Deja-Vu
Had to Triumph over you k**a Bees, screaming wu
I got a crew, that's too live, we Bout It man
Used to Jump Around, wild out to House of Pain
Krs-One he spoke about our history
Used to listen to Chuck D and Public Enemy
NWA, Dr. Dre before the Chronic
Snoop Dogg, and all the west coast riders
Big L, before he dropped Ebonics
Canibus, before he started rapping about comets

[Chorus] 2x

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