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Praverb the Wyse - Year of the Dragon lyrics

[Verse 1 - Knighstalker]

Year of the Dragon – time of the beasts
Arrival of steez – yeah I Knightstalk emcees
Fight for the streets ‘n kick rhymes for the people
Fly like an eagle ‘n my minds sorta lethal
My thoughts gon' reach you ‘thru pure lyricism
Foolin' the system, infusin' some wisdom
The pool dat I piss in's called music business
Mad rooms fulla losers ‘n foolish rich kids
f**'em all, dis is sun-tzu, da art of war
I come thru', krush grooves cause my bars are raw
Drop j**els in the booth ‘n disregard the law
Yeah I got more to offer- department store
Me'n Pra goin' hard on this musical run
Over loops ‘n sick drums produced by the One
No one can f** wit this global Collabo
It's smokin' ‘n your chokin'- rollin' tobacco

[cuts by DJ Fejm]

[Verse 2 - Praverb the Wyse]

Boasting and bragging, bragging and boasting
The year of the dragon, I'm casually roasting
You and your crew, I'm laughing and joking
Thought that I quit, the pa**ion awoken
Bruce Lee, Tai Chi, the master is chosen
Break bones, microphones have to be poached then
Zen technique, Phil Jackson, I'm open
Embryo, trapped, guess it has to be frozen
P and Stalker, leave foes, battered and broken
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Broken and battered, cloak and a dagger
Dwight Howard in the post, I boast that I'm badder
Rim in hand, command, coast to coast, I'm a tracker
Grind productive, no slacker, throw rappers
Off of the building, these emcees catching feelings
Immortal man, God-like, these dudes civilians
Hands of God, got Holy Water, call it healing

[cuts by DJ Fejm]

[Verse 3 - Cira]

I'm a flying dragon among the concrete
Feedin' myself with a dope beat
Scarin' yo a** , spittin' the blast
Movin' too fast too be caught kid
Kicks, drums, rhymes, calmness of Budda
"when I move you move just like that?" like Luda
Who that is? the Polish MC with tiger style
No time to stop, serious rhyme sayer's on the spot

(Polish verse)
Jestem niespokojnym lotem smoka na blokach
Zieje ogniem na niegodnie obmawiających Boga
Ta, Bushido musi to dać, udusić , opuścić ten strach
Ty leć do mamusi, kakao i buzi malusi chłopczyku idź spać
Sprawdź, katana nacina ten banał, bo Cira tu dawał godzinę 
I nadal ma siłę napadać na falę nachalnych i marnych kłamstw
Suma prawd samuraja rozbraja patrz Hagakure
Werbalne kyokushin-kan , machine gun i szybka kula
Nie szukaj króla tu, ziemskie berła między baśnie
Oriental , mental mind, 2012

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