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Praverb the Wyse - November 11th lyrics

Yo, talkin' right to you right now
I want you to hear what I gotta say
When two souls become one, November 11th
Yeah, that's all I need to say about that one
It's real this time around. Check it

Worship the King, know that the purpose is clean
The Earth is 80% water yet the surface is green
Created from dust, royal ties, the birth of a king
At an early age, the sage had me flirting with queens
Mechanic heart, in my teens I would service machines
Focus on money, not talks about birds and the bees
Future told I was grown, searching for dreams
Dream searching - conversing while working for cream

Strayed from violence my reliance on the church
It brings the joy - No vigil or emergency teams
I wanna be a millionaire, purchasing things
Cars, a yacht, clothes with colorful schemes
That's the good life, wanna be signed to G.O.O.D, right
I can bank like Creflo, on d**h Row like Suge Knight
The weapon is my mouth, wishing that I could fight
Inspiration of music, right now I should write
About the pain in my heart, I wanna levitate
Wrestling with pride, cut water - I'm shedding weight
Heavy burden on my shoulders, I'm super stressed
Depressed that a grudge will interfere with my wedding date
Wood-grain exterior, have to put the Pledge away
Free falling soul, I'm heading for a ledge today
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Wipe my eyes from these tears felt the pepper spray
Spent nights talking to God while the record plays

Listen to Marvin Gaye, starving artist art remains
Father in the hospital, needs to have his heart exchanged
Talking about a defect, gotta reset
A hard-working man with legs on a feet rest
Thinking to myself, He was close, he could see d**h
Still has pep in his step, and I'm sluggish
Moving 'round the house arms low from the luggage
Back sore, can't stand up right in public

I'm a writer with a marketed mind with no niche
I wonder who will market these rhymes
Fighting Father Time and the sand in the hourgla**
It's always sunny here today we let the showers pa**
Matured into a man, left behind my childish past
Hello new life, goodbye being signed for cash
It's still a hobby though, I smile when I hear rap
Because it was expression when I had fear trapped

It was expression: when the words caused confusion
It was expression: never won, steady losing
It was expression: I'm thankful for my rhyme books
They made me appreciate how long a rhyme took
Take some time to remember the heavens
My whole life will change on November 11th
Take some time to remember the heavens
My whole life will change on November 11th, let's go

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