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Praverb the Wyse - Lluvia (Fresh From Above) lyrics

Verse 1: (A.L. Laureate)

Dear lord i thank you for another day of life
The oxygen i breathe a chance to believe
The forecast looks quite superb
I feel his cool breeze my memories purge
Its sunday it sure is sunny
Im feeling hot i look to the sky for some heavenly drops
A voice from inside says ill protect ya
We a perfect song im the beat you the acapella
Faith in the invisible seems cliche
But gods pain drains from the sky into rain
I know you ain't far
You around the corner
Set to erase scars
The moment will call on ya
Drops of love come down from above
But it still seems unreal to some
In this prayer i claim whenever it rains
Let it be gentle to the eyes of the spirit in your name amen

Hook : (Spanish)

Puede ser que venga manana sin tardar
Puede ser que tengas que esperar
Lluvia estoy contando al cielo
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Yo creo que esta agua bastara

Verse 2: (Praverb the Wyse)

Thank you for another day, able to rise
Take a shower, wash the rain from my eyes
Feeling pure, release the pain that's inside
Endure, on a journey where the fables and lines
Become a way of our times//
Baptized, in Holy Water, on the Sabbath day
Recalled memories, they are scattered frames
Brothers from another mother, we react the same
We rush the ball, others just pa** to gain//
Yards, same scars on some plain skin
We childlike raised in the same playpen
We had crowded minds, the spirit of God
Will organize your thought process, make it vacant
Rain has a rhythm, and a melody
On a sad day, it provides a remedy
When it is bright, you see a rainbow
Thank you God, for this day and a halo


Puede ser que venga manana sin tardar
Puede ser que tengas que esperar

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