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Praverb the Wyse - Dead 2 Sin lyrics

I'm dead to sin, shedding my old self
Dead to sin, shedding my old health
I'm back now, new body and soul
Crack down, Satan doesn't have control
I'm free, feeling elevated up to a point
I forgot where heaven's gate is, pa** the joint
Not the ganja, talking about a spiritual high
That you get when you God is pa**ing by
I'm alive in Christ, feeling brand new
Put on my dance shoes let's slide tonight
Get live tonight, step in the name of love
That I have for the ones that dwells above
I will not let sin master my life
I will not let sin cause disaster and strife
I will not let sin shatter my sight
I will not let sin grab my mic

[Chorus] 2x

Am I dead to sin, alive in Christ
Do I follow the man, do I strive for life
Do I do what I can, do I fly with sight
Am I dead to sin, I might rise tonight

I'm a put an end to sin, no more talking back
No more regressing, no more walking back
No more lust, no more cigarettes butts
No more gats to bust, or crack to flush
No more booze, no more worldly rules
No more stealing food, no more extermination of Jews
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No more rape, no more abduction
No more hate, no more one night stands, no more cussing
No more slavery, no more reservations
No more adultery, no more temptation
I can say more the list goes on
God is the artist, all his pictures are gone
Living Christ like...scriptures are drawn
To lead the wise leaving they physical torn
Spirit reborn, resurrected, came back whole
I'm dead to sin with a relaxed soul

[Chorus] 2x

[bridge 4x]

Am I dead to sin, Am I dead to sin
Treasuring eternal life count count me in

It's in with the new, out with the old
Follow God and he will unfold
The truest treasures
Not stupid measures, I'm talking life here
Walking these streets with white robes we in Christ gear
Decked out, travel to heaven might take light years
Standing my ground, overcoming sin, I'm right here
God fearing man, I fight fear daily
Looking to the sky giving praise to he who saved me

[Chorus] 2x

[bridge] 4x

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