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Prada Bwah - Playa lyrics

I'm high when you always see me
Im crystal clear like a tv
Them d** got her dancing rolling round just like a cd
When you see me best believe me
Grab your blunt and ur papers
Got you playin with your fingers
Roll it now and not later
No I'm not a pimp but I'm pimping hoes just like a playa
Troy keeps it rolled
And we burning sh** for later
Got that Good danky sh**
Me and my b**h got all the flavors
No way I'm looking back lets get high as skyscrapers
Kinda miss the old sh** but I swear I couldn't tell ya
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Ur p**y, the money our weed were on another level
We had bond just like we're 007
When I'm with you I feel high in heaven
When you walk pa**, I'm looking hard cause all I see is a**
Chopped n screwed been on purple since my 1st cla**
Everyday is the reason, living like its the weekend
Very pa**ionate about the b**h but she never likes to see me
Play station 3 call of duty on the flat tv
Shut the f** up and put some funk in it
She's a aqua boogie baby, who likes to burn hazy
Would've thought she brought the sun out the way she was acting shady
Frames on eyes I'm blind but you know that baby
I'm still on that motto, f** you then you pay me
Shut your sh** and let's get high
Roll my funk and let's get fly

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