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Prada Bwah - New Cologne lyrics

You wifing these hoes
I'm WiFing em
Gotta keep these hoes connected
Like some wiring
I should tie my shoes
Im way too high man
Ur girl Get around like wheels
She tiring
Wake up then bake up
I like b**hes with no make up
Before I leave the house
I make sure that I'm shaped up
It's not tailored but it's fitted
It's not expensive nor rented
She don't see me but she hear me
She walked pa** and dizzy
Bet she leave with me
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Cold bottles and more drinks
Better people, stronger dank
Flyer clothes, and pet minks
Gold frames, Margiela fleece
Her Fat a**, it's obese
Gold piece, on new degrees
She cooler than a cold breeze
Damn she's off the chain and leash
What she did I couldn't believe
She breaking down her own trees
2 for you and 2 for me
Stuffed 2 grams into each
By 3 I couldn't speak
At this party, pa**in weed
Moving slow thinking fast
Highed up plotting on some a**

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