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Prada Bwah - GOTH HOU$E CLIQUE lyrics

[Produced by Prada Bwah]

[Verse 1: COLD HART]

(Coming Soon)

[Verse 2: BABY TEAR$]

Cruising boulevards
Rep my city hard
n***az weavin' law
12 don't follow us
She's a Baby Goth
Roll her blunts in scars
Slide with bae on fo's
You can't sit with us
Tripping in a VOLK
Blunt ash on my cough
Summer rain might fall
Roll my windows down
He wan war, He GONE
For he say too much
k** for love, I'm stuck

You might see my golds when I open up
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Sunlight in my locks, blind ya favorite stuns
Asian-eyed, I'm stoned
Lift your spirits high
Tucked my pistol low
Leave your cowards home


(Coming Soon)

[Verse 4: Wicca Phase Springs Eternal]

Goth Boi Clique a murder army
Baby put your arm around me
I got all this Nike on me
You should see my closet baby
I think I'm much better baby
You look so much hotter here
So down for your darkness baby
All my thoughts are so severe
Six, triple six; ya, I'm so for that
Thraxx Corinthiaxxx, I'm all over that
See me like a stunner baby
I'm a f**in charmer baby
Model babe, I'm so for that

Goth Boi Clique, I need you back…

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