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Potna Deuce - Can You Dig It? lyrics

[ VERSE 1: Rude ]
Intoxicated, never hate it till I feel ill
Give little Rascal the mic and let him show real sk**s
On the left and right of me I hear the chitter-chattin
'Ah, that's just another muthaf**in n***a rappin'
Nuh-uh, nah, potna, you don't know me
I like to run back on the track and flow slowly
So don't judge if you gonna hold a damn grudge
Cause a ninja like me be throwin straight lugs
Can you dig it, I kicks it with these fools who made it
With that Funk Slave sound that can't be duplicated
Any broad with me can't be bootsee
I like green bud dank rolled loosely
You better recognize game in the atmosphere
It ain't naythin but veterans rappin here
We hit the block like SWAT with the fat knot
And found a sound-proof room, was like a jackpot

Can you dig it?

[ VERSE 2: Baby Beesh ]
Your life was cool until that day
You smoked that grimmy with Andre
And now you're towed down but not I, said the cat
I'm straight geekin off the juice and the twomp sack
And not the one to knock another muthaf**a's hustle
I'm just handlin mine, you know I'm doin fine
And ain't trippin, the shoes is tied up
Indo - steady fired up
I stay a player, now my problem's solved
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Tryin not to get emotionally involved
With the you-know-what and the you-know-who
Now what the f** is a swinger gonna do?
I guess I'll let the big blast off
I saw the players gonna lift they a** off
And sit back and watch the money pile
And still boycott the funny style

Can you dig it?

[ VERSE 3: Chezski ]
Still the same muthaf**a, soldier comin loose
I ain't concerned about another sound, I'm comin juiced
And funk's deep up in the middle part and low po'
Zone and do your thing while the real fools pop Mo'
I try to clench, can I get one?
Chezski, can ya, can ya, can ya twist one?
Stays away from the stiff-neckin mishaps
Still I find myself in the sh** traps
And gotta work for my got
I ain't changed cause I'm movin with the same plot
And touch up on the ( ? ) while I tries to hold
Watchin other fools in the game straight fold
Never me when I'm comin, though
Filthy in the trenches when I'm way towed
So find me on the tracks spittin high-strung
Potna Deuce is in it now just to take some

Can you dig it?

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