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Pokemon - Jenny Oh Jenny lyrics

(Brock Talking)
A one woman man's what I wanna be,
Stay by her side so faithfully,
I would if I could, but, it's just no good!
'Cause there's two perfect girls for me-hee! Hahaha! All right!

Jenny, oh Jenny!
Joy, oh Joy!
A one woman man's what I wanna be,
But there's two perfect girls for me!

Oh yeah!

(Verse 1)
Officer Jenny, oh can't you see?
You can lock me up and throw away the key!
Jenny, if loving you's a crime,
Then sentence me now, and I'll do the time!
My uniform beauty is simply the best,
She's got my heart under house arrest,
But before that cop names me her boy,
I'm head over heels,
(He's head over heels)
I'm head over heels for a nurse named Joy!



All right!

(Verse 2)
Nurse Joy, won't you please,
Cure me of this bad disease,
Oh Joy, the diagnosis is bleak,
When I see your face my knees get weak,
Well I'm burning up, I got the fever,
She's my perfect nurse and I'll never leave her,
Her bedside manner has healed so many,
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So why am I in love?
(Why's he so in love?)
Why am I in love, with Officer Jenny?



Haha! All right! Swing it!


Aw Jenny!

(Instrumental Continues)


A one woman man's what I wanna be, but there's two perfect girls for me-hee!

Oh, I try (try) and I try (try) and I search way deep inside (deep inside)
From these two I won't choose, I can't stand the bad news,
'Bout the name of the girl that I'm gonna lose!

(Verse 3)
This can't go on, enough is enough,
I've gotta pick one no matter how tough,
It's time for eeny meeny, miney mo!
But wait a second,
(Wait a second!)
Wait a second,
(Come on and wait a second!)
What's her name? I just gotta know!
I just gotta know!


but there's one, no two, no three, four, five, six, seven, so many, perfect girls for me!)

All right!

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