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PokeaimMD - Pokémon Rap - Pokémon Cypher 2016 lyrics

[Intro: Shofu]
We're back!
You asked for this, we did this for y'all, man!
Don't blame me when your house burns down
Cypher 2016, GO!

[Verse 1: Shofu]
I'm back up on my Gary Oak shit
Every hit is critical, my energy is focused
You gon' need a Potion
Bars is straight Corrosion
We blowin' up you hate then you get caught in the Explosion
This King N on his throne
This the illest Pokémon flow
I'm just riding round in my city catching these hoes like Pokémon GO
And you niggas already know
Fire flashin' Shofu know he hot
Your girlfriend see my lure I keep her coming like a PokéStop
I got zero matches lost
Come get all your badges dropped
You soft I roast a nigga 'till he lookin like a Flareon
My bag is topped, I'm on another level in a candy shop
You talkin' shit but when I come around you gone like Ash's pops
Pockets heavy bitch I'm balling like Magearna
My back against the wall I draw that weapon like a Smeargle
Welcome to the art show
Rattata you F.E.A.R. us
I'm lookin for a queen right now I got a Nidorina
Ain't nobody hot as me
Always been a prodigy
I'm Hard Body, what's a strong arm to Deoxys-D
Snorlax in my way but nigga that ain't even stoppin' me
Incense on my shirt it's crazy how these bitches flock to me
The flow's shocking like a Rotom in your TV
Encore on my verse cuz you gon' leave my shit on repeat
I'm headed to the top you gon' need Future Sight to see me
My team is too strong you don't wanna see the CP
Boy this the Pokémon Cypher
You don't feel this shit then you's a motherfucking liar
Bars hit you heavy leave you lookin' like a Psyduck
Dialga on my wrist and he's saying that yo time's up

[Verse 2: Shofu and Scoot]
I will never lose
Which one you choose
The Sun or the Moon
Bitch we don't do interviews
Playin' games, throwin' flames in and out the booth
I'm boostin up I hit Baton Pass, get 'em Scoot
And we been the truth
My top down, spin around, I'm in a villain suit
My flow Surf boy you gonna need an inner tube
And you knowin' you the greatest when they Mimikyu
Run this shit, hold B, got my tennis shoes
I'm comin' back like a U-Turn
Bite a nigga's style, get your muhfuckin' tooth hurt
No hands like a Wooper
The way a nigga Dazzlin'
I'm leaving unaffected if you really want to shoot first
The freshest up in Lumiose it's all in my clothes
I'm throwin' balls at your chick like Pokémon GO
She a Tropius I put banana all in her throat
We got a team of Legendaries but don't nobody know
And you already know
I got the Dex, let me get 'em
Snatch yo chick and then I get that pussy hot, that's Litten
Cold I need mittens
Soundproof I don't listen
You ain't talking money got Amnesia I forget 'em
Battle anybody with him
You don't even want to press Start
Hit a couple times and now you lookin' like a Wimpod
You losin' I'm winnin' you don't understand it
Spit Poison, I'm Fire, I look like Salandit
My style, my Swagger too much for you randoms
My arms on yo head now you look like a rabbit
The bars so ugly like a Palpitoad
Bitch I'm hotter than the sun, Solgaleo
I got an Alpha flow, I put you in the ground with it
Choose a path to go, boy if I'm on it you'll regret it
Hazards gone I'm Rapid Spinnin' Acid spittin' on you niggas
My venom burn through yo denim 'til you lookin like a Drifblim

[Verse 3: Scoot]
Ivysaur, number 2 I'm the shit boy
Triple it and I'm number 6, Fire Spin's what I spit boy
Viola late, no X and Y
That black man don't need to fly
Them Fairy types all gotta die
Slurpuff Unburden prioritize
Scrafty dude, attitude
Weak dudes, Mirror Moves
You lose, ice cubes
Vanilluxe, double scoop
I'm a fuckin' fool, Mime Jr. mood
Niggas runnin' up got loose screws
Magnemite, Electrike, Spark the blunt Drifblim, I'm high
Twisted, I'm lifted, don't miss it, I'm swiftness
You tempted to run quick, sick shit, it's Litwick
Listen, flames don't play no games
Popplio was a damn shame
Rowlet, he clean as fuck, bowtie nigga what's up
Yungoos, mean mug
Grubbin, I'm the plug
Pikipek got the secret tech, no mouth, just respect
Lunala eclipsin', that moongeist be rippin'
Solgaleo be trippin', on the sun he sippin'
This that O.T., you can say a Dialga over mek
Palkia, gimme space, no reachin' in I got Deoxys-D
Move your feet, no Hitmonlee
You can't Mimic me, Sudowoodo tree
Mean Look, don't try to flee
Cuz you inhale like a Stockpile 3
Swallow your pride, bow down, I'm royal
Scaldin' hot overflowin' that's boil
Servine, 36 that's Coil
Exeggcute rotten eggs spoil
Loyal like Jenny's K-9
I get tail like the fox, all 9
I shine like a chain of 40
My Pokés are rare and always on Jolty

[Verse 4: Joey]
J my name is Joey
Battle's what I go about
Miltank the mascot
Swerve when I Rollout
Nasty as a Muk smell when it comes to bars
A Sky Uppercut will leave you floating with the stars
Pokeaim's the channel, ain't nobody cooler
So damn strong that I'm way beyond Ubers
It's too damn easy, I'm the guy not to mess with
Cuz every damn move I use is super effective
Young Strong Jaw chompin' for the bread
Tried to hit me with your best, didn't matter knew your spread
Like a roamin' Legendary, we ain't battle cuz you fled
Boy you lucky that I didn't drop a Draco on your head
Mega Eon, ain't nobody flyer
Yawn 'til I Snore you got me bored so I'm tired
Didn't even need a full party with me to beat ya
I'm hungry, pardon me while I go heat these fajitas

[Verse 5: Haydunn]
They call me Haydunn and they hatin' but I said that before
Now y'all lookin' like y'all never seen my level before
If bars are what I owe you in a battle that's a nice try
I'll end you, 6-0, get rid of your Wi-fi
I run the meta, if you ain't know this then give it up
I stay on my last form, you play in Little Cup
Open up your storage cuz your new teams fell
It's always competitive season and you seein' L's
Ridin' around on that Goat, I Surf never no boat
I'll make your whole team dive, drown, if you're tryna stay float
I be rollin' through my region all alone, I don't roll with y'all
New Bike, that's a hot rod like a Ponyta
I got the moves you couldn't learn with a TM
Dittos try to copy but they can never be him
2016 go hard as Roggenrola
'Til it's time to kick back and vacation in Alola

[Verse 6: Shofu Tha Beatdown]
You can't get rid of me, everybody's feelin' me
Three years savin' up all this Octillery
I had to make your girl Screech louder than a Bat goes
Matter fact I had to strike twice cuz I Zapdos
Thunderbolts I eat it up, you can call it Thunder Fang
I'm so cold you say my name your teeth freeze, Ice Fang
Bite your girl's neck she gets hot, Fire Fang
Look at me I Carrey this team like Mariah's name
Pokémon games I played right
Heart so Dark I make Eevee an Umbreon in daylight
She can see my nuts for the first time Premeir Balls
Rhyme's so sick you'd think I had a Sheer Cold - K.O
Rampardos would be jealous of me
Because I got a big forehead, I give a mean Headbutt
You's a little homie, brown nosin' that's a Headbutt
She gave me top and bottom we call that a Headbutt
P-o-k-é-m-o-n, I'm fly, Moltres
I stay above the ground like Ghost legs, me and my bro's flex
Skill level isn't too common like brown pigeons
Cross Chop a Miltank on its side like I'm cow tipping
Flow ill I need to get that shit sterilized
When I use Lick she don't get Paralyzed
They call me Beatdown cuz I make sure that my power felt
I'm way stronger than Machoke I ain't wearin' no Power Belt
Gettin' coins is prevalent, you ain't us, you ain't relevant
Came in this thing krumpin' arms swinging like an Elekid
Y'all said I couldn't rap before but now I do this
Still wanna hate? S-H-O-F-U then
B-B-B-B-B-B-Beatdown and I'm back
I'm using Earthquake, you goin' underground to attack
I know you dig me, West Side, Shofu Squad

[Interlude: TrickyWi]
Take my hand and dance with me
We'll start slowly, dare to proceed?

[Verse 7: TrickyWi]
I'll make 'em bow in the day and the dark night
Gold or Silver I am draped in the moonlight
I have a lot to show, and I'll have the final blow
Keep up with my tempo I'm too fast, but you know though
Queen of all the elements, I'll make your moves irrelevant
I'm lovin' every bit of it, you thought I was so delicate
I'm savage but it's elegant, you're scared of me it's evident
I know why you're so hesitant, I'll leave you feeling Desolate
Take my word, I am not just a flower
I'll learn to take you and then beat you by the hour
I'll burn you down and watch you fall like the Brass Tower
It's so fun to watch you wimper and then cower
My dance doesn't sound that bad right?
I mean you'll probably feel some pain from the last fight
Please amuse me, entertain me
Just remember that I'm not just an Eevee

[Verse 8: RogersBase]
Name's RogersBase, got me the Will of D
Reppin' Sabo Charizard, Mera Mera no Mi
While I'm watching One Piece, you're crying over Butterfree
Keep my bars PG, We Disney
Just kiddin' about my linguistics
I'm like Machamp with No Guard punches that are Dynamic
Confusing little Poochyena who pretend they're slick
I'm in Unova banging Skyla, TM 56
That's Fling son
But you don't know because you never even had one
This ain't a roast but if it was it'd be a Take Down
Double Teaming like Giancarlo Parimango made a tweet that exploded that was followed by a countdown
[Lyrics from: https:/]
Bitch, I'mma Volt Switch
Brick Break all your dreams and your hopes with
Cross Chop 'till you're nothing but an old glitch
Earthquake 'till you're Trubbish in a trash ditch
Cold as ice my flow is nice
I ain't a Delibird, my presents are far more precise
Call me Mr. Game and Watch, punk-ass Sheik
Just like Regi I pull 9's on fleek
Now here's a simple rhyme that'll help you sleep
About a girl who was cute, lookin' like a Mareep
Attitude was Static, hit me with Confuse Ray
Couldn't stand her anymore, finally used Run Away
Kept my phone in her Electric Terrain
Thought that maybe if she'd Dance, I'd start making it Rain
But she evolved into a Flaaffy, now she's past her prime
Now would you kindly please excuse me, I'm about to do Japan Time

[Verse 9: G. Yee]
Back on the beat like a Terracott
Blaring Altaria
Gave adversaries the Perish Song
Everyone waiting for Garrett now
I gotta carry the weight of the world like Torterra shells
She knew that the snake is long
That's why she gave it up
Twice for the Gyarados
Your boy got Outrageous flow
Say you don't feel it, you must be a Fairy, hoe
It had to be said, claimin' you hard you Diancie at best
Super Effective I'll blast you with lead
(Oh here he goes with the Magnums again, so exaggerated)
Take you back to the Gen
When choosing a lead was a tactic you set
Before the battle commenced
That's the Platinum meta and 'Dactyl's a threat
So I'm sayin' I'm sprayin' with actual lead
From Mt. Coronet, downpourin' on Houndour
With the Spouts, Origin Pulses, your health's lowerin'
Your spouse openin' mouth orifice
And when I'm done she all sore, I guess that's what they call Torchic
These lames be Yanmega, I'm way beyond Mega
I hit my Prime all these earthlings feel my Precipice
When I'm enterin' the field, all their flows turn useless
I'm sayin' my rhymes Desolate
So eff a weak Drought
I V. Bell weed out all these B. Sprouts
When Yee's 'round, freaks loud, ladies scream out
Tonguin' in between mounds like a Seel mouth, then I peace out
When I swing that Axew gon' get your whole branch Fraxure'd
In other words you're sappy son, Nosepass backwards
I last-lap Donphan ball on the track man
G-Y-E-E volvin' the rap game

[Interlude: PKSparkxx]
Hold up, who's the new dude?

[Verse 10: ShueTube]
It's ShueTube, came into the game like Mewtwo
Legendary flow when I step in the booth to
Kill another track, I attack like Gloom do
Acid spewed through, rapid new tunes
Tryna make it happen only rackin' a few views
Guess I'm kinda Slaking on the rapping like "Who's Shue?"
Tryna make a path but I'm trapped on Route 2
I'm done with YouTube
I'm just kidding, I'm never quitting
Got my running shoes glued to my feet
So I keep on moving like Suicune moves
I'm not stopping, I'm chomping at the bit like a Bidoof tooth
I refuse to be stuck in this groove
Cuz I got something to prove and nothing to lose
Must Jigglypuff too much of them doobs
It must be the fumes, I stay up like the Sun and the Moon
That funky Stunky stunk weed that'll leave you stunned and confused
I love the Budew, especially when it's covered and pruned
The other day ago I smoked some dro the color of Mew
It stunk up the room, was blowing out some Thundurus plumes
You need a Chesto cuz my endo makes you slumber and snooze
A bummer it's true, but I'm finding ways to cope though
So enough about that dope dro, I'm supposed to boast 'bout my dope flow
So I stay flowin' like Tohjo, and I'm Flamethrowering like Ho-oh
Most these mofos, I'm hearin' they flow kinda Slowbro
I'm fed up with all the rappers thinking that they're better
I said it, these Venonats really are pathetic
Insects who all lack the antenna
Every time you rap, you repel us
Need to zip your trap like Banette does
Every rhyme you craft isn't clever
You a Copycat like a Cleffa
Need a Wake-up Slap, Meloetta
Trubbish on the track, you are trash
Getting thrashed by a Mega

[Interlude: CTC]
Prepare for dankness, denounce the stankness
To protect the world from wack rappers
To unite all people within this motherfucker
Yung Basedlord

[Verse 11: CTC]
Bitch I'm still in the cut, Sudowoodo
Still got my hat to the back and these rappers still wack
What you losers gon' do?
Hold up, b, you should be holdin' B
Go ahead, accept the feet, do like if you was a shoe
Me and my crew, we come through
Snatch up your bitches and badges then toodle-doo
Haters be sleepin' on me like Fruit of the Loom
But I got they girl sleepin' on me like Fruit of the Loom
I make it cool to be rude, I don't just do it for views
I am that dude
Don't fuck around with them fuckarounds and get Noctowl like Hoot Hoot Hoot Hoot
Diggersby tho? Earthquake hit 'em below
I let my enemies know
Rollin' up purp that's that Venipede dro
Catch me on Victory road
Pinsir dismembering ten of your family members, that's quite an unpleasent memory bro
I plead for insanity so, as far as the anarchy goes, I blame the Pidgeotto
Now I just gratata on sight like Pokémon GO
I'll just be takin' your missus for hostage, I'll let your Pokémon go
But I ain't cuffin' no hoe, I just Poke 'em and go
Splash on your bitch like it's Popplio
Nobody lit as me cuz I just hit more trees than a Rowlet that be tokin' on dopek
Don't let me Polish the Rock, or Lando will sweep you like I miss Dwight
You fuckin' with that Pinkman, I slang up them Rocks like I'm Mr. White
Them I'mma ENDtei, SWEEPcune, ROCKkou
Then come for the Resevoir Dogs like I'm Mr. White

[Interlude: CTC]
Gio Gio Giovanni
He be wishin' for a body
Kill everybody walking
He's catching a homi tonight

[Verse 12: Matt Houston]
Bitch it's Matt Houston, I don't really care what you say
Kid been low key trainin' with Blaine
Everything I touch spit flames
Got that Arcanine and that Rapidash
Bars five out of five, Fire Blast your ass
Cut a hater in half with a Super Fang
Better watch out for that Rattata
And I'm back in that Cypher 2016
With a Perish Song try to save 'em please
At their graves just leave some Floettes when I end 'em all from A to Z
Talked about girls and blazin' weed in the last one so they hated me
Fuck that it don't phase me, won't change a thing, okay proceed
Win everywhere that I go, chillin' on Victory Road
Gastrodon, Quagsire, Swampert, shit give 'em a dose
Got yo bitch diggin' the flow
My presence a present it Delibird Christmas the hoes
Still be Wally he just so sick with it though
Girls all like Ralts when they gettin' too close
Cuz they be feelin' the kid on the low
Litten with the shits
The kid got a cinder quill and it char millions with every stroke
Please don't ever step, I just be so fresh to death
Got shit from Lilycove and Lumiose
Son I'll blast you away, get you sent to the moon
You better watch your Lunatone
And if that ain't hell enough, I'll make you Self Destruct
Blow the beat up like it's a Pineco
Want Static, Zap 'em with Dos
Hope you packin' a Potion
Tauros, back on my bull, Matt is the dopest
Will-O-Wisp a hater attackin' with Vulpix, back on my old shit
Snatchin' up yo bitch, she Feebas, Splash on the whole click
So quick, swear that she know Swift
Drown your Kyogre flow, it's vast as an ocean
Matt laid a trap and it's gon' hit
Haters Aipom, climbin' on my nuts, but they don't really know shit, Psyduck
Arceus god flow, Cypher apostle
Put a crack in your Egg if you try my luck
It's Gengar, the ones that you hoe kids fear
Nickname Matt 'bouta own this year
Better know this clear spit fire
But it's been Team Mystic bitch, we the coldest here

[Interlude: Shizzy Sixx]
(Oh no)
Who's back, flyer than
Fire. Who's that about to
I am firing something with a
-pass nose for a barrel

[Verse 13: Shizzy Sixx]
Suicune VI, the coldest nigga to speed past
Boi drop dead gorgeous, shit'll get ugly as Feebas
Yung Mudsdale, who tryna test my Stamina
Kicks so hard it'll drain you like a catheter
Fuckin' great, you suckers hate the damage when the guns pop
Buckin' 8, you'll up and faint and vanish, this a Nuzlocke
Your luck stops now, you don't understand who's nicer
When I pop up, anything can happen like a Randomizer
Hitmonchan with this, every element I will pass a fist
Pacifist? Poisonous, anyone can get it like Salandit
Dazzling, savage flow, you'll be lyin'
From this Full Metal, bodied Alphonse and Solgaleo
Go berserk and I'mma comatose a nigga
Get a battery, the cops gotta stake out
Movin' their bodies, I'm chalkin', I ain't with the talkin'
I always hit first like a Fake Out
My suggestion is your team get to fleein'
I'm on some you wouldn't get from a TM
Holdin' a Scope bitch you still couldn't see him
So wavy, I'm something you never could reel in
I got broads out in Johto, the rarri same color Pangoro
Gimme tail 'till she Slowbro, she feelin' my Abs-solo
Flap ya tongue? Seel 'em. A Pokémon Center can't heal 'em
Black X6, Kyurem, Who's dyin' to VI? Oh, you're him
I'm on my six below, Sheer Cold, frio
Now these birds give me three times the head, Dodrio
Every day is Pay Day, I'm back for cash
Boi I'm fire 'bout the horse play so I think you should Rapidash
I ain't a fan of your character, fam
I stay keepin' metal in hand, Alakazam
I'm givin' out Rare Candies, boi, you ain't half as nice
So cold they goin' to sleep, tell ya Dragon night
I'm ill, the walking Pokérus, and I let it show
Nasty with the Steel, niggas all know my Meta gross
This a Clear Body, I'm doin' my job
Wherever you are, see us
And you just heard it from the God of Fire

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