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PM Entertainment - That Girl lyrics

[Intro: Pharrell & Snoop Dogg]
We do this in our sleep, n***a
Ever been in love before?
I wanna holla at you ma
You know it's hard for a player to admit that sometimes
But I'mma spit that sometimes, y'know what I'm sayin?
Aight P give it to me one time nephew

[Verse 1]
There's something 'bout this girl man, from around my way
Ever try to hold back your feelings, but it just wouldn't stay

But when I finally found the words to say
I wanted to run away, simply run away
You can try to run and hide, it won't make a difference
You can lie to yourself, or try to reason
Sure it hurts when it comes to your attention
That you're in love with the girl

[Verse 2]
Yes sir, that's her
But it wasn't like that back when I met her
The lavish life from all the dough spun
Before the double R had to hitchhike thumb
Her friends didn't like n***as like us
But I arrested the coochie and her feelings got cuffed
Spider web s** must have got caught up
But there's more to it I remember once
Sayin' "Let's sh** on the peons
Let's go to Vegas and watch Celine Dion"
Make 'em say "What we on?"
You say no like you was doin' it for eons
f** it I just hum and let the watch give off the neons
When it rains it pours, I laugh to myself when I change the score
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You said my s** was a lot but my brain gave you more
And somethin' bout how your ex was a toy, I guess he played games
It's only diamond dice here not tryin' to justify
When you shut your eye you can touch the sky
You in trouble ma, and you should pray about speed
But if that's 'bout you, what that say about me?


[Verse 3: Snoop Dogg]
See I'm a crip in dark blue Chucks
And I does what I does yeah I might say "cuz"
It's really weird cause a n***a got love
Snoop Dogg's a crip and the girl was a blood
She told me that her baby daddy was a thug
Now it is what it is and it was not was
I'm hollerin' at lil mama like what
Monday morn stack tryna get my cheese back
All these memories breed seed to the rhythm rhyme pleaser
Lay back while we sippin' on a breezer
Fresh four pack sittin' in the freezer
Ain't that Kadija I heard she was a skeezer
She used to hit them licks wit' the visas
When I seen her wit the homies I was like "Jesus"
It's been a little minute since I seen her
Hope her man don't run up cause I'll have to pull the nina

[Verse 1]


There's somethin' 'bout this girl man
There's somethin' 'bout this girl man
There's somethin' 'bout this girl man
There's somethin' 'bout this girl man

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