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PLM TRS - 3amgirl lyrics

[Verse 1: PLM TRS]
This some Drake-type sh**
Late night, need-an-escape-type sh**
Bottle is empty, celebrated like sh**

Phone ringing
Text message says, "An afterparty"

But you already had 6 shots, tall gla** of 40
Now you're laying next to shorty

Now you're undressed trynna confess
That she'll be the third for the night

Are you doing this right?
You keep asking yourself

She ain't worried 'bout your health like your last girl

Now this mess all on your hands like cheese curls
Whatchu looking for inside of these girls?

They only get close to your home with the promise of Patron
Now you're waking up alone

Don't believe in unturned stones
Now you finna roam
Til you figure out the unknown

Now you hate this feeling that you get when you're with her
Like you really start to wither
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Codeine dreams when we up at 3 am, girl
Sorry for the me that you know at 3 am, girl

Shoulda got the hint
Way the condom fell out when we were first talking

Shoulda got the hint
When I saw that a** switch when I got you walking


She could be a seducer, abuser
I got a few options yet I choose her

Stone cold k**er in Versace
She Medusa

Ass point-blank deadly like a muhhf**in' Ruger

She got a friend name Molly
Please don't induce her

Cause I don't wanna lose her...


I don't wanna lose her...

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