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Planetarian - Let's Be Lovers lyrics

I'm hearing your voice in the silence
I'm feeling the beat of your heart
These palpitations get so violent
Baby when we are apart
And when I see you by surprise
My stomach hits the floor
And my heart starts to cave
I think I want more

[Chorus] (x2)
Now if you walk in and I can't breathe
And if you want me to be close to you
Then why are we waiting patiently
There's something we could do
Let's be lovers
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Let's be lovers
Let's be lovers
Let's be lovers

[Verse 2]
I'm dreaming of us in the day light
I'm reading your mind in the dark
All of these cards we need to play right
So we don't go back to the start
And when someone calls your name
My brain is glued
And my heart skips a beat
That's how I know I want you

[Chorus] (x3)

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