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Planetarian - Canvas (feat. Dom McLennon) lyrics

[Verse 1: Planetarian]
There you are
Ripping into me
With a few tattoos
Just a few tattoos
That move as you breathe
You are a canvas for portraits of what I need
I'll paint you
Into what I think I love
You look so similar to what I have dreamed of

[Hook: Planetarian]
Is it all in my head?
The crimson walls that surround you
Is it all in my head?
Whatever it is I need you

[Verse 2: Dom McLennon]
You're the model of my affection
For your love I would draw a weapon
Or two, or three, or an arsenal
Every time you're in my face
I've never seen something as remarkable as that smile
That present that so many so long for
So many just here for the pa**ion
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They just actin'
But I know that's bein'
I've met lesbians with your spirit
Ooo you feel that power
My Ramona Flowers
I'd fight the world for you
If you ain't get that reference
It don't really matter ‘cause you're still my preference
These are my dreams
See I loved you before I met you
And then I found you
Hope my energy always surround you
You're the only soul I'm bound to
But i'm saying to much
Let me show you
Got you
Next time I hold you
Then if you leave and you repeat this
I'm confident that I'll still mean it
I hope to you would never lose this meaning
I know worlds can get immersed(?)
Some days can be the best
Some moments feel the worst
Through all the commotion I still put you first


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