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Plane Jaymes - New Age Rev (Alternate) lyrics

I feel like Fidel
I feel like Che Guevara
I feel like Malcolm
I feel like Martin
I feel like Gandhi
I feel like Huey Newton
Live free or die
In this new age revolution

[Verse 1]
I'm from the murder capital where they murder for capital
Nobody cares, keep tweeting till it happens to you
But look at our evolution, visionary greatness
We scatted our way to success, homie we made it (I feel like)
The new age prophet of 16s
Revolutionize the new age, I profit at 14
See that's not what the system wanna induct
They rather see me strapped and aiming at one of us
Let me inform you of the casualties involved
Black blood on the casual tees involved
Conceptual realities, Godlike mentalities
Meditating, creating historic moralities
That daylight turn to night and that wrong turn to right
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And the situation hectic and you know it ain't alright
Chirping turns to blasting, church bells turn to sirens
We need to get together and be the new messiahs


[Verse 2]
What's the purpose of peaceful protest? Pure deceit
While they modern-day Willie Lynch-ing us up in these streets
We tried to be peaceful since they brought us across the seas
Now we mashing up the city, look at us, no retreat
We the type to make the scene that come up on your news
It's a war going on, what side you gone choose?
The truth is in the streets, you won't find it on your TV
The new age Nat Turners, strapped up like Denmark Vesey
I feel like Fidel, organize our people for our movement
These devils fear our greatness, k**ing us for their amusement
People let's unite, I got these bars for your recruitment
Before my seeds are on this earth, we gotta make improvements
More black bodies are in graves than colleges
How long will it take for my people to acknowledge this?
Fam, let's demand to put the power in the people's hand
I feel like Huey Newton, gotta teach the 10 point plan


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