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Pip Skid - Asleep At The Wheel lyrics

[Scratch Hook]
"What's really goin' on?"

[Pip Skid]
I'm so mad that I keep a headache all day long
Go to sleep, wake up and it still ain't gone
I can't rest cause I'm always perplexed about some bill
And some alcohol make me feel better when I'm ill
Still juggling my paycheck when it's looking rather small
Struggle with decisions at the liquor store and the mall
Eyeing up the boss hunter thirty bucks for Jag
Art Blakey album in the XXL mag
Bag enough debt looking for me, changing my identity
Blood from a stone, calling me out on a penalty
Mentally the phone go (bang bang) off the hook
Feeling lucky I'll grab it
Don't have the screen to look
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All shook with the agent off guard I miss
Giving out Jason's number, I'm dumb and he'll be pissed
"Jason, guys about to call about the money I owe."
He's like, "I know I told him that you left fifteen minutes ago."
$7 toothpaste tubes, fly new shoes
Gigantic heaping plates of organic food
Expensive vitamins, inviting friends over to drink
Out of body experience, spend but don't think
Others judge why beer makes the grocery list
But they've never been stressed the f** out like this
See if I got twelve bucks and ten goes to booze
Problem solving that it's easy it's nothing to lose
Split the bill it'll start to k** ya soul destroy your spirit
Wake up light's on, creativity has no merit
Just a parrot with clipped wings outside my means
It's a Cadillac taste of these rice and beans

[Scratch Hook]

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