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Pink Dreamz - Ferrari lyrics

[Pink Beatz]
Let's get it and go
Pulling on the gear cause we ready to blow
Tipping on the gas, tires ready to smoke
Hoping you fake folks dont take this
Beats in a box underrated
Bossman is a joke

Cause I'm...
Cause I'm...

Doing a hundred on the highway
Pink Dreamz, we do it f**ing my way
Thought I had in the bag, all it took was the collab
Pink Dreamz, we be seen in Newark
Popping off setting fads, g-pounds wit fab, yeh

Pink Dreamz slaying facts, dont believe us?
I bring the heater, spray your back
But you keep listening, taking notes, repeating like you need us
Contradicting my thesis
What's up now with that jack?
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You know that you feel this
sh**ting hard, baby fetus

Cause I'm..

Switching Lanes doing my thang
6 speed shift, whip dripping the paint
Avoiding troopers on the highway making quotas
And motherf**ers always get in my way unnoticed

I'm the godfather that you wish you knew
PA to New York, time watch the news
I'm a don problem when I spit the blues
Formulating my report, Pink Dreamz on the scene
Run your a** back home cuz we bring it to the morgue

Coming in the live from the Empire State
Pink Dreamz got the h'orderves before the entree
Get me a salad before the filet mignon steak
Nod ya f**in' head, while i shove it in ya face


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