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It would be easy to label Pinhead Gunpowder as a supergroup, considering that the lineup features four players from other well-known bands. There's drummer Aaron Cometbus, formerly of Crimpshrine, Billie Joe of Green Day on guitar/vocals, Bill Schneider from Monsula on ba**/vocals, and Mike Kirsch from Fuel on guitar. Not that these guys got together for the intention of making money or to be the ultimate scenester band, but rather to take a break from the main musical projects that occupy most of their time. There's no pressure involved, no regrets, no touring; Pinhead Gunpowder is to have fun and relive the days of being just a garage band. With down-on-your-luck lyrics on day-to-day life fueled with fast, vigorous pop-punk, 1991 through 1993 saw a slew of EPs and compilation tracks on various labels. Eventually, Lookout Records would re-release all this material on the Jump Salty CD in 1994. Maintaining the integrity of getting together only on an occasional basis, the EP Carry the Banner was released the following year, only this time with Jason from Chino Horde to replace Kirsch on guitar duties. In 1996, this lineup would continue with the release of their first official full-length, entitled Goodbye Ellston Avenue. Three years later the follow-up, Shoot the Moon, was released on Adeline Records. ~ Mike DaRonco, All Music Guide

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