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PigPen Theatre Co. - Sister lyrics

Sister, Sister, quite a child I'm told
Found outside with your bag of bones
In that bag your family
With a note to help and keep you please

Believe our love will new sister grow
We'll tell each other all


Sister, Sister, you smell of fine perfume
Rubbed off letters sent to you
Italian wrote, Italian danced and sung
Sister stole my Italian love

Will our bond now, sister, hold
Til jealous hands throw jealous stones

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Time goes by, I grow old
You grow up

Wrap black round my hands
Around my tongue
And curse the word, and curse the word, and curse the -

Sister, Sister, soon
We'll be mothers too
And with each own's leaf
We will, we will teach

Now sister sister will you tell how we did grow apart
Or rather sister will you tell the truth of our war
That love is gold and you did steal my children will learn
But they won't be sure of me til you're dead and gone

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