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PigPen Theatre Co. - Stowaway lyrics

[Verse 1]
I can see how
Our dirty thread now
Is close to broke since we last spoke
A stow away from Galway
I went through all your gowns
And I spooked away all your ghosts
Coffins arose but no one ever spoke

[Verse 2]
Comfort is as comfort does
And I've held up all your crowns
And I've wondered since what I'd do now
And that tower is as feared as that gla** is clear
For those inside that do look down
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Soon the ground arose
And everybody chose

But oh my garden oh my roses cut by
Friends that I knew then
And oh your hardened heart it softens with the
Friends that you knew well

[Verse 3]
And if I am a frown once cooked but now chewed down
A stomachs worth of all this work
Oh give me just a smile it will last for a while
As I search for what made this work


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