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PigPen Theatre Co. - Bremen lyrics

Oh where are we going
Said the brown dog to the hen
But just because
They were animals
Doesn't mean they couldn't have been men

Oh let's go down to Bremen
Take my paw in your hand
And we'll sing for our supper
In that freest of the freest
People need to see us
The freest of the freest land

It was part of the plan
Everybody would stand on their hind legs
Hands holding high the other
Like a tower of brothers
And the one on the top would crow warnings
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And call in the morning
And call out the storm that was coming
The one on the bottom would steer
Till the road was clear
And people would learn to rejoice
And to fear our coming

But how long do we think we could walk we could sing
Before our voices gave out and our limbs gave in
On the road on the road
On the road on the road
On the way on the way on the way
To Bremen to Bremen to Bremen
To Bremen to Bremen to Bremen to Bremen

Oh on the road to Bremen
I came across some robbers, three
At first I took everything away from them
Then they took everything away from me

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