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Pigeon DO - Don't Fight The Rain lyrics

Don't fight the rain...don't fight my name.
She got that glow, vibe with it wouldn't wanna take that sh** slow
Home of the moan, made her mouth go O 3 times in a row, ho, tic tac todo, photo
Flow cold river, a little Ritalin littered
Illiterates step back, jumped by the pack then back it home, casket closed
I'm outta my mind, she outta her clothes
Closed eyes, squinting, get it right, fitted with a lip bite, lit up by the moon at the Cove
Clove dirt green, two thousand and thirteen young whipper snapper wicked rappers sipping on lean
And yeen heard the cusp, I'll murder a third of us
Dump you out the back of the drunk like a drunken burglar bust
Brush it off, slushy pop, muster up your thunder
She filled my life with wonder

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Yeah, we could plunder, yeah we could f** the world
If you be my girl

Now I'm lurking up the block, cops circling my spot
Spotted life in lieu of life ignited flight up in my top
God damn, really wanna wife you, but I bet that sh** end quicker than a haiku:
[Fly like Michael, Life
Height Frightful, Knife-like Eiffel,
Trifle and Die, Fool] Did it
Cool sh** admitted, with the all black fitted
Don't fight the rain, ignite the flame omitted, ridded


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