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Pigeon DO - 199SMUNCHK1N lyrics

[Verse 1: DeadCrow]
Every day I work less, figure its worthless
I've been doing this for two years, & got no work pressed
I started doing it for myself
But i did hope to see my work stretch, instead I'm blowing purp stressed
Cause I ain't seeing much through these optical's
The probable is impossible, certain with all these obstacles
I get the compliments, sorta thinking that its common sense
Cause I spit it like "Common Sense" but still ain't get to counting cents
I'm thinking to pay dues, you gotta pay dudes
I figured the sk** possessed would get these dudes to path the rest
Acknowledge the technical balance through a ballot
& In the right hands, these bands would make her dance through the talent

[Bridge] X3
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f** it I've had it

[Verse 2: DeadCrow]
Got an antique vice like the anti Christ with so much to sacrifice
& I give it all up on this mic device
In just two years I've progressed like the intelligence
Of Asian types, but still ain't taste the rice
Hip Hops racist type, I takes the rights from the basic types
"money, b**hes, money, b**hes" & whatever AIDS the fight
Well this be aged right like fine wine
Born in '91, twenty-thirteen, still spit it like its '99

[Bridge] X3
f** it I've had it


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