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Phil Ber - Crib lyrics

wake-wakin' up, in a lonely bed
bombs blowin' up
{sh*t it's the phone}
up in, in my head pick up the phone
it's those dulcet tones
telling lies masked as gold
it's another night you ain't home you've eaten this apple
right down to the core
nibbled inside
ain't got the taste for it no more so while you cruise in the Benz
I've called 'round my friends we'll break out the Dom
throw your sh*t on the lawn
and celebrate as the rain's pouring down [Chorus]
baby, I've got cla**...manners smooth as Ella
so give me the'd be giving Oprah when you have integrity...sing it Mary J
I'll show you beauty...eyes poppin' like it's Beyonce got to keep it in the, I've got cla**
got to keep it in the give me respect
got to keep it in the need integrity
got to keep it in the crib...
to have inner beauty there are only a few words
you got to learn
when its not in the crib
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you'll be out on the curb [Verse]
stop banging on, on my front door
got kryptonite
can't hypnotise me no more you think that love
that love is a sport
with the games you play
dribbling on any old court there's not gonna be
any goodbyes and cryin'
do you see the tears
the mascara ain't runnin when you're all alone
please remember oh so fondly
of how much you loved me
I gave you a taste of heaven
you'll be craving it always ... [Chorus]
... [Bridge]
gotta open up
and talk it out
but if you can't tell it straight
then I'll be walking on out gotta love myself first
not place second in your world
no consolation prize
can cover up all the hurt got the mink coats
and the mansion home
and your on the curb stuck on your own [Chorus]

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