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Pharaoh Gamo - My Song lyrics

[Verse 1]
(Lemme tell you something)
If I catch another ho, sneaking secret pictures
Imma have to let yo boy know
(You think he gon be wid it?)
And when I go and stunt
I haven't yet so man I warned ya
In the summer rolling backwoods in California
Horny broads come on ya
When your friends with me so kick it
I dont chase no b**hes
They chase me like i'm some liquor
Live it
Bono on my bogo
Im smoking my weed, chilling
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Cigarettes on cigarettes
Im smelling like a villain
Hill top chilling rolling dojo til I fly
Posted somewhere in the sky
Where the heaven starts to die
And meet the horizon
Feeling the high in my eyelids
Royalty life catch me f**ing a highness
From the behind and she whining
I tell her be quiet just hold up rewind it

If I catch another broad sneaking secret pictures
Imma have to let that ho go in a minute
No i dont do texting back
That sh** is ridiculous
Imma let that ho do whatever while I kick it

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