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Pharaoh El - Sing For Us lyrics

Intro -
What's wrong with you?
Baby what's wrong with you?
I made a song for you
I gave my all to you....

Verse -
Searching for substance
We've been
Lost in abundance
All cause of trustless demons
Rise when the sunsets
If it snows I know you've tasted bitter cold
Do you sing alone?
You know I hear your screams for me
In songs I send you inner peace
Alone I lend you all of me
I told you I'll be all you need
You didn't want
What I had you said
You've given up
So I sing for us
And now I scream for d** and dreams
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For you to me are everything
On nights alone I shadow leap
For loneliness is not for me
I feign her touch
Ever since you said you've given up
This is not for us

Bridge -
I'm blind too
There's light inside you
My melodies ride through
Let my symphonies blind you

Outro -
Where have you been?
You've been gone for too long
I've been dying within
You make my winters warm
You reality bend
Butterflies hit the sky as they fly from my skin

I'm blind too
Inside you
I'm by you
Beside you

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