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Pharaoh El - NuChoppa lyrics

[Hook: Justiice]
Nu Choppa
Nu Choppa
Nu Chakra
Gold Choppa
Gold Choppa
Gold Charka
Nu Choppa
Gold Choppa

[Verse: Justiiice]
I manifest and I finesse - No flex
Nigga who next?
Nigga from the triiibe with the third eye in his name like he be seeing too much of that cash
Nigga what's good?
Nigga what's bad?
Nigga what's great?
Nigga what's ass?
All you gotta ask is if that shit'll last
I don't even see why y'all be wasting y'all breath
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Hold Up!
No need to roll up
That shit for fruits no crack no soda
No Mas!
She asking I'm in deep like Omar
Toyota Tacoma I fuck in the back of
Like spices I'm racked up
Got Spice Girls by racks of
Trapper's be trapping for practice
Nigga's be rapping like trapper's
Rapper's be acting like actors
I'm geechi y'all see me?
I see y'all no lacking
Please do not try him right here nigga!
Leave your whole bloodline in fear nigga!
Rappers be like, "This my year nigga!"
How many you think you gone get?
I'm Gucci like I'm Zone 6
And yes I be all over tracks
But don't ever think that I would possibly slip

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