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Pharaoh El - Hatin' lyrics

I think they Hatin on me x7

Verse 1:
Got my rack on and my plaques gold
And my tax good but they hatin
Went to grad school
And got a tie and suit
But them broke boys still hatin
You won the talent show
And when you let them know
They ain't care? Naw, they was hatin
But one thing about a hater
Is haters never make it

Haters never make it
It don't matter what they sayin x4

Verse 2:
In the cut with Krazy Pete
Im never lacking in the streets
Know my n***a got the heat- cause they hatin
I was posted on the Ave. last night just waiting
And them n***as robbed me- cause they was hating
I had a new tricycle
When I road past n***as
Lil homie upped the nickel- he was hatin
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Now I'm on BET, TMZ, VH1, MTV, and I got more haters
I was broke w the gods
So I had to grind hard
And the next mornin' had that paper
Remember layin on the matress
Thinkin “damn I gotta have it”
Now I'm getting phone calls from the mayor
Thinkin back when I was trappin'
Used to have my thoughts of rappin'
But I ain't have no major label
There was always haters on my team
I never trusted n***as cause they always tryna scheme
I gottta let em know cause they ain't neva gonna win
So I gotta let em know it ain't neva gonna end
Why you hatin on me?
Go get you a benz
Why you hatin on me?
Cause I be goin 10
Never listen to a hater
Getting money on the daily
While I cruise in my Mercedes
With a beautiful lady
You gotta be crazy to think a word can phase me

Haters never make it
It don't matter what they sayin x4
I think they Hatin on me x6

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