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Phantom Shade - Freestyle lyrics

I got hell's rage
Im sick enough to strike a still gaze
And blow my brain outta my skull with a fuckin 12-gauge
And pick myself up with a red hole
In my head lookin like Fred Gold
Spittin dead flows
Ran over Jessika Warnock and fucking sped off
Came back hogtied her corpse and cut her fucking head off
My life is like a locomotive on a narrow cliff and im finna step off
Imma be fallin down blazin hot
And get lyrically assassinated like im Raymond Scott
It took alot for me to get to where im at
Like smokin blunts screamin gangsta rap
On the porch saggin khakis and a backwards baseball cap
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I wear white contacts just like Hopsin
Only thing is our styles are different his are violent and im a topspin
I used to be into rockin
That perverted violence
I got inverted silence
Ever since my mom left me on deserted islands
I woke up with my hair and faced bleached lookin like a white 2Pac
My first song ever was gonna be called Eminent where i ravage rap like two rotts
Thought i was too hot
Til Rap God came out now im back at square one with an accolade
To do straight up dumb shit like go to funerals and masturbate
While screamin for my fans to come out the bushes and obstinate
This is my motherfucking anthem
Yo my name's Phantom

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