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Phantom Shade - Damn.. lyrics

[phantom verse 1] Phantom Shade
All of a sudden anal's gay
So you might as well not even play
So you go to masturbate
And when you finally ejaculate
You feel a stabbing pain
So all of a sudden you grab ya thang
And it just hits you last night you had a date
With a chick at 8:08
Who ain't have no name
But you had her by her waist
The question circles you and puzzles you so you just quit and say f** it
And remember she reached down ya pants and made you her puppet'
Wanted to seduce you so badly while you were hard in public
In her mind she thinks you would love it
But you a wuss and you too p**y to even let her touch it
So you decide to change the subject
Tryin not to get her upset
So You invite her to the Hampton inn
Thinkin damn I just made a damn new friend
You tell her your name is Brandon Finn
But in reality you just wanna go in her deep thinkin bam im in
You go to ejaculate
Then all of a sudden you feel a stabbing pain
She just gave you a thing named AIDS

[verse2:] Evil Conscience
So then you go to grab that b**h by her neck to strangle her
Then she darts off drippin cum all over the carpet screamin cuz you finna mangle her
But you dont give a damn this b**h gave you aids its time to angle her
Handcuff her a** to the leg of the bed then grab the gasoline
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And rub a dub dub in vaseline
And shoot up a few hits of masculine
Then turn over to jaqueleen
Oh yeah thats her name it must be
So you remember screamin "dont you touch me"
Then you turned muffy huffy and beat this b**h til she cracked open like humpty dumpty
Now she's got open wounds
And you could really give a f** you got gas pourin in those ones too
And those slits that only you broke on into
She's screamin
And pleadin
"im sorry, Please stop!! Please let me go ill be gone by the weekend"
"imma k** you b**h this is a** grabbin season
And by the next time i grab your a** you ain't finna be breathin"
She's got six warts, a white discharge with chunks of meat and
This b**h is bleedin
So you punch that b**h
In her head with your right knuckle til you rip a stitch
Next thing you know you start to beat that trick
And bash her face into the carpet til her eyeballs itch
And her implants rip
You sick but you really dont give a sh**
You just beat a slut up naked til her f**in ribcage split
And ya gut told you to say no cuz you was just a brand
New man
Got a new job a wife 3 cars and a baby on the way named sam
After his gramps
You can't take the feeling anymore your carpet is damp
So you go to clamp
That gun you always keep for protection behind a lamp
You put the barrel in your mouth close your eyes and all you hear is, {BLAM!!!}

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